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I can't find my auto ID Cards, how do I get a new one?
We can print a new one out here at our office, just drop by or give us a call and we can mail it to you. We can also fax or email one to you, especially if you find yourself out of town and realize you don't have one in your car.

I need proof of insurance to go to someone, what information do you need?
We need the name and mailing address, even if we are just faxing or emailing it.

How do I file a claim?
Give us a call or drop by and we will take all the necessary information regarding the claim and advise you on what to do next.  If it is after hours or the weekend and you need immediate assistance, most all the Insurance Companies can be contacted directly.  Just go to our "Insurance Companies" tab and find your company tab and the contact information for filing a claim should be listed.

What does "additional insured" mean?
One or more individuals (other than the individual named in an insurance policy) who are protected also under the terms of the same policy. Additional insureds are added either by endorsement or are referred to in the definition of 'insured' in the policy itself.

If automobile insurance is required in WA State then why is Uninsured Motorist offered as a standard coverage? 
Even though Liability is required there are still numerous people who choose to disobey the law. Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage is a policy option which covers one for property damage and bodily injury caused by another motorist who does not carry liability insurance. 

What information do you need to add a young driver to my policy?

We need the first middle and last name, the date of birth and the drivers license number.  There is also a young driver questionaire to be filled out that we will give to you.  There are credits available for young drivers with most (but not all) of our companies if they have had drivers training and also a 'good student discount' for a 3.0 gpa. To receive the 'good student discount' we will need a copy of the most recent grade report card.

Can I change my billing due date?
Most companies do allow for this, let us know and we will contact the company and make the necessary changes or you may contact the company directly with the available contact information under the 'Insurance Companies' section. If there is a current payment due at the time you wish to make the changes more than likely it will not be able to go into effect until the next billing.

How do I cancel my policy?
Contact us and we will have you sign a 'Lost Policy Release' or 'Cancellation Form'. Please let us know when you are looking into changing insurance companies, we should be able to review your coverages with you and check for a better market within our agency. Having to make a major move like that can be avoided by checking in with us and letting us know you are not happy with the present coverage or premium.

Am I covered in an earthquake?
Earthquake insurance is not covered under your standard home or business insurance policy.  With most policies you can add the coverage as an endorsement or purchase a separate earthquake insurance policy. A higher deductible usually applies for earthquake damage.

How and where can I pay my bill?
Payments can always be made in our office's, especially if they are late.  We are online with all the companies and can process your payment that same day via cash, check, credit or debit card.  Payments can also be made by yourself directly with the companies by phone, online or standard mail. Information regarding making payments are under each 'Insurance Companies' section on our web site.

Am I covered in a flood?

Flood Insurance is not covered under your standard homeowners or businessowners policy. We do have coverage available with many companies such as Travelers, Allied and more who contract with the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program). If you live in a flood zone it is highly recommended you obtain this type of coverage and mortgagees usually require flood insurance if you are in such a zone.  See also 'Insurance Coverages & Terms Defined' at the left to see a description of how a flood is defined.


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