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Hints & Tips
Hints & Tips
  1. Don't assume you have coverage for something without having discussed it with us.  Sometimes assumptions are made and you find out too late it's not covered. 
  2. Tips for trimming automobile insurance costs:
  • Raise your deductibles:  One easy way to reduce your premiums is to increase your deductibles so that you assume more of the risk for small claims.  However, be sure to set your deductibles at limits you can comfortably afford, since you will have to pay for those smaller claims out of your own pocket if an accident occurs.
  • Drive Defensively:  To keep costs down, keep your car in good working condition and drive with care.  Traffic violations and accidents can raise your premiums.
  • Buy a low-profile car:  It costs less to insure autos that have less chance of being stolen and are less expensive to repair.  A higher safety rating may also reduce your premium.  If you are in the market for a new car, call us to discuss the cost to insure the model you are considering.
  • Reduce insurance on older cars:  As your car ages, you may not need as much insurance.  Call us to discuss ways you may be able to reduce coverages and save premium dollars.
  • Update your policy:  Changing circumstances may make you eligible for lower rates.  Keep your agent informed of changes such as getting married or no longer insuring a yound driver.

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